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“Get legal knowledge written in the simplest manner for your easy understanding”

The enactment of the Business Facilitation Act is highly commendable as it hopes to ensure that it becomes easier to operate a business in Nigeria. More importantly, Nigerians must...

The revocation implies that the affected institutions can no longer carry on the said business in Nigeria. What will depositors now do?

So, what are the offences of criminal breach of trust and cheating? While the two offences sound similar they are different and can be charged differently.

Breach of promise to marry is actionable at the instance of the promisee against the promisor and it is a recognized cause of action in our legal system.

If you suffer whiplash injuries in an accident caused by someone else, you’ll be entitled to compensation to recover the medical bills and lost wages

By understanding the factors that may affect the timeline of your property damage claim, you can better prepare yourself and manage expectations while navigating the process.

The main objective of privileged communication is to entitle a Witness to withhold relevant evidence from a Court proceeding or prevent the giving of such information by another person

NDAs are agreements or contracts in which parties agree not to disclose confidential information shared as they do business together.

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At SIMPLYLAW we provide a platform that keeps you legally informed. This is achieved by accepting, reviewing, and publishing relevant legal articles in the simplest form.

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We offer an encompassing legal service to startups, from legal consultation to business registration, drafting of documents, negotiating deals and contracts, etc. Simply Law is your one-stop for all your business.


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