Why You Need Read Before You Sign A Document

It is a notorious fact that most Nigerians have the habit of signing a document without reading it. Infact, Majority of those that care to go through a document before signing seem not to have a good understanding of it’s contents let alone it’s legal implications.

Legal documents are unique and sometimes an average literate person may not have a good understanding of it’s legal implications. In otherwords, some documents, as a matter of fact, can only be understood by a legal mind.

Why Do You Need To Be Careful About The Document You Wish To Append Your Signature?

The law is that a person is bound by the contents of the document which he or she voluntarily signed.

The rationale for the above rule is due to the presumption that the person must have read and understood the contents before appending his or her signature.

Many people are ignorant of this fact. In our daily activities, we find our self signing bank forms, tenancy agreements, loan agreements, sale agreements and other contractual documents without a clear understanding of the contents and it’s legal implication.

It must be noted that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. It is too risky for a literate person to sign a document without full understanding of it’s contents.

Therefore, I hereby humbly advise that one should be careful of what he or she signs.

Where the content of a document is not clear , it is important you seek the assistance of a lawyer. Prevention is better than cure.

Always get a lawyer to check through your important documents before you append your signature. Some people have signed their death warrant without even knowing.

The consequences of signing a contractual document without a full knowledge of it’s contents, more especially it’s legal implications, are devastating and may some times be irreparable and occasion a harm than cannot be undone or remedied.

Save the future, get a lawyer.

Save your self the embarrassment, get a lawyer.



Legal Knowledge Advocate