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Why Should I Excercise The Right To Remain Silent

Every person arrested has the right to remain silent, without saying anything until due consultation with a legal practitioner of his own choice. This right is guaranteed under the Nigerian Constitution.

Due to the importance of this particular right, ThePolice during arrest, always reminds the person to be arrested of this very important right to remain silent. Infact, it is the duty of the police to remind the person to be arrested, of his right to remain silent.

This right which is ingrained in our Statute Book – the ” CONSTITUTION” is available both at the time of arrest, while in custody and even in court during trial.

Always exercise this right to avoid saying things that will implicate you, or that will further aggravate the whole issue or that will make you say something you ought not to say. Some say, silence is golden, and I think I agree!

Regrettably, this right is usually abused at the police custody. Most times, people confess to an offence which they know nothing about either due to ignorance, or duress, deceit, and torture melted on them by the authority in charge.

No matter what happens, always insist on your right. Do not submit to pressure. Speak with your lawyer first.

It may look too simple and trivial but many innocent people are in prison today because they failed to exercise this simple right of remaining silent until due consultation with a legal practitioner. It is your right to remain silent, insist on it!

Dont be in a hurry to talk, expecially when you are innocent. Get a lawyer.

It is your constitutional Right To Remain Silent



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