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Why Do You Need an Unmarried Certificate? 

An unmarried certificate is a document that states the legitimate marital status of an individual. Simply put, it is legal proof of being a bachelor or bachelorette. This status also includes a widower or a divorcee because they are also single.

Why do you need it?

There are several reasons for issuing it. The foremost one is getting a visa and passport for immigration. It is usually required for individuals who are going abroad.

Actually, foreign countries are very cautious about the wrong intentions of emigrants. There are cases of illegal polygamy. Countries object to emigrants who come with the preplanned intention of marrying a foreigner without disclosing their marital status. They aspire to get a green card or the nationality of that foreign country. Upon marrying, they would become citizens of that country by default. It is clearly a violation of human rights.

So, most global countries have made it mandatory to enclose an unmarried certificate with immigration documents. It is also called a bachelorhood certificate/ CENOMAR, Single Status Certificate, Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage and Nulla Osta etc.   

Another reason is employment. There are multiple multinational companies that offer an opportunity to foreigners to settle down there till they are employed. The employer bears expenses, which include the accommodation & visa charges of dependents.  

There is a case of a student visa also, where students are likely to settle in foreign on a temporary basis. But, this is not compulsory to show up this document in every country.

Unmarried Certificate Vs Unmarried Affidavit

These are two documents issued for the same reason, i.e. to prove that the person is single. The certificate is directly issued by the concerned authority. It can be a civil body or state office or municipal corporation or PSA, depending on the country.

On the flip side, the affidavit is a sworn document. It is a statement showing that the affiant is unmarried. It also states the address and his wards. This is mainly issued by the court or the concerned authority.

In both cases, the applicant has to get it attested or apostilled by the foreign ministry of the native country and the foreign embassy. In case of any confusion, the consultants can help you out.

Documents Needed for its Processing

The applicant should have these documents to get this bachelorhood certificate. These are required to verify his authenticity.

  • Photocopy of the passport (first and last page)
  • Birth certificate
  • School certificate
  • Address proof
  • Nationality proof
  • Applicant’s parents’ proof
  • Decree absolute for separated or divorcee 
  • Death certificate for a widower
  • An affidavit stating that the applicant is not yet married. (date is also mentioned)

Unmarried Certificate Application Process

Here is the process of how you can get this proof of singlehood:

  • The interested applicants should find the concerned department. It can be any civil office or civil body where you can apply. 
  • Get the document attested and notarized (if required-inquire from the consultant or matter experts).
  • Draw an affidavit from the local department or the court. Get it attested also.
  • Submit the documents to the foreign ministry along with where you need to pay for the application fee.
  • Once verified, take it along to the foreign embassy for the last level of attestation.
  • The final certification will then be sent to the applicant.
  • Alternatively, if the applicant lives aboard, visit the High Commissioner for their unmarried certification.

Getting it is a challenging task without any prior knowledge. Here, an immigration consultant or solicitor, or foreign matter expert. Your struggle will turn half through consultation. So, it’s better to gather all information on how to get it and where to get it attested.

Here, take into account that apostille and attestation from the foreign ministry are similar. You won’t need further attestation if you get it apostilled. You need to pay a certain amount as a fee for attestation or apostilling. This amount varies from country to country. So, collect information on it before applying.


An unmarried certificate is required for proving that he is married or single. It ensures that the person has no dependents. However, divorcees and widowers can also apply for it because they also are counted as single beings. It states the authentic status, which prevents polygamy cases