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What You Need To know Before Signing Any Contract

Nowadays, so many people fall victims to becoming a major signatory of illegal agreements, because of the ignorance of knowing what a valid agreement looks like. In this post, you will learn how you can protect yourself from signing an illegal and what to consider before signing even the legal contractual agreement.

The signing of an agreement is not a process that needs to be rushed over. It requires a lot of attentiveness and understanding of its terms and condition.

1.     There must be proper documentation.

The reason documentation is very vital is that human nature is very dynamic, so when the second party acts funny you can have what to refer to be on the safe side. It is advised that one should not condone gentility during agreement documentation. Agreeing with a handshake in an eatery, bar etcetera is no longer an accepted form of legalizing an agreement besides it is like shooting yourself in the leg. It is very pertinent to have your agreement written on paper to protect your interest. No matter how insignificant you might think the agreement would be, it is still advisable to have it documented to be on the protective side.

2. Consult your attorney

Most persons are not familiar with legal terms, so to ensure you are on the safe side meet your attorney to explain to you in simple term what each statement means. A wise man once said “If you want to hide something from a black man, put it into writing.” to render this statement in-effective always do well to seek the counsel of a lawyer.

3.     Don’t mistake consciousness with sentiment when signing any legal document.

Many times I hear people make statements like “he is my close person, so am secured”, let me tell you, most times the people you trust most are the ones you should even be strict with even more than others when taking any legal decisions. Ignore familiarity when making decisions that regard anything agreement.


 Sign no agreement without the consent of your attorney.

Most people often go into signing an agreement without the adequate knowledge of what is required of them before the tender their signatory on any legal document. To ensure that you sign an illegal agreement you must first let your lawyer review it then give you the go-ahead before you sign it. Always learn to seek the counsel of an attorney before taking any legal decisions.

With these few steps fully observed and follow succinctly, you can assure yourself of protecting every bit of any agreement be it in business etcetera.