Do You Know Series

Symply Law: Do You Know Series #1

  1. The practice of law enforcement agents arresting a suspect’s relative or friend to secure the presence of such suspect is 100% unconstitutional and a breach of Fundamental Rights
  2. The police is not a agent to be used for debt recovery. Debt recovery is a civil matter and therefore it should be handled as such. The police can only get involved if elements of crime are committed
  3. During search of persons, a female officer is to search a female person and a Male officer is to search a male person. They are to conduct the search with due diligence
  4. “419” the common name for fraudsters is gotten from section 419 of the Criminal Code which provides for the offence of fraud. And such person when convicted, is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.
  5. You can be imprisoned for 2years for knowingly issuing a dud check.

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