Litigation Solves Everything

Who is a Litigator?
An authentic litigator is one adept with good communication and negotiation skills. However, it is not all about arguing cases but making a cogent and analytic case regarding your client’s interests. You will have to gain a robust academic background and be flexible, with a touch of ingenuity when it involves tackling new challenges.

To be a decent litigator, you must possess an acute sense of economic cognizance, good command expertise over legal and technical ethics, and the ability to present facts, law, and techniques in a very reasoned and persuasive manner.

Litigation refers to the method of contesting and resolving disputes within the system. That is a general term, and it addresses any type of dispute, from medical malpractice to fighting a ticket in court.

Litigation or dispute resolution involves support with arguments to attest to claims which can arise during any gainful deal or arrangement. Such matters could arise between dissimilar companies, or between companies and individuals.

Matters which call for litigation can range from interpersonal matters, investment transactions, and fraud. This also includes mergers and acquisitions, governing mechanisms or rivalry, corporate management, and restructuring glitches.

Oftentimes, when people consider litigation, they imagine lawyers taking claims to court or defending claims brought against their clients.

Most top law firms such as Aluko & Oyebode, have expert litigation and dispute resolution departments, whilst minor or specialist firms focus all their resources on litigation. Often, job roles and responsibilities as a trainee will begin by preparing papers or steering research on relevant laws and case histories, or drafting preliminary motions before the court.

One of the greatest benefits of litigation is that however long it takes, that you’ll sooner or later have a result.

Litigation is subject to recurrent changes and variations over a period. If court proceedings become unavoidable, a litigation team will be needed to make sure your dispute is resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner. Get in touch today with SimplyLaw to hire a litigator.


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