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How To Avoid Embarrassment From Federal Road Safety Corps

Firstly, if you are speeding, you will be pull over. If you drive too slow you will be pull over If you act suspicious, you will be pull over too. Just be normal with confidence and less tensed it possible if you have the correct up to date document and items.

Six important document you need to have in your car

  1. Driver’s License – this is as important as the fuel in a car, you will agree with me that it is the first document to be asked of once a driver is stopped. Make sure your driver’s license is up to date. If it has expire, renew it or else that’s wahala for you.
  2. A valid proof of ownership of the car. Without this, the car can be termed as stolen. It can be the car purchase receipt, car registration document; this can be gotten at The Vehicle Inspection Office or a transfer of ownership from the previous owner if it is a gift.
  3. Insurance certificate. This can be gotten for as low as 5,000 naira from the licensing office
  4. Certificate of road worthiness – it is the document that says your car is fit to ply the road.  To avoid embarrassment from vehicle inspection officers (VIO) and other traffic officials, this document is very important. Your car must at all times be fit for the road. This document is renewable every year
  5. Vehicle License Registration: this is a prove that the vehicle is registered under and in accordance to Nigerian Law. It is renewed annually.
  6. Hackney Permit: it applies to commercial vehicle only and is gotten at the point of registration of the vehicle. Tint Permit for vehicle with tinted glass.

Aside from these documents, other important required items are spare tyre, fire extinguisher, jack, warning triangle, water etc. With all these, you can be sure to avoid embarrassment on Nigerian roads and drive freely.