Criminal Law

He Has Your Nudes. What Next

I don’t know who needs to read this, but all hope is not lost. This message particularly concerns our female counterparts. I know by love or by crook someone out there may be in possession of your nude photos or videos and he has been using it to blackmail you.

He has either used it to obtain money from you or using it to demand sex from you or using it to blackmail you in some other way.

Let me share a short story. There was a lady that was blackmailed with her nude photos. She decided to upload the nude photos online herself.

By this act she rendered the blackmailer handicapped. I know it’s not easy but never admit to the terms of your blackmailer because if you do so, he will never stop. No amount of money, sex or any other thing will make him to do away with the nudes and threats.

The act of blackmail is not only immoral but also unlawful. Anyone who blackmails or has in fact published nude photos or vidoes of a person online without consent of the person, such a person has indeed committed a crime, and can be punished for Cyberstalking under S.24 of Cybercrimes (Prohibition, Prevention, etc.) Act 2015 of Nigeria or any law being in force in Nigeria.

This message can be construed as a direct warning to perpetrators of blackmail to desist from such unlawful act or face the wrath of the law by spending some time in prison. It is also a call to victims of blackmail to always voice out for help and do not hesitate to contact relevant persons and authorities.

Also never forget to protect your private contents, be it pictures or videos by keeping it to yourself alone. Nobody is to be trusted. If you must share them to anyone, always protect yourself by either blurring your face or not capturing it at all.

My name is Archibong Edet and I write from Calabar.
Twitter: 1archibongedet