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“Get legal knowledge written in the simplest manner for your easy understanding”

For a claimant to succeed in an action for malicious prosecution, he or she must plead and prove the followings;

Have you been involved in a car accident? If so, you must speak with an experienced car accident lawyer immediately to learn about the different types of liability claims...

Finding a regular caregiver for your child is not something you should take lightly. That is why we have compiled together some tips to start with before finding a...

Here are 7 benefits of using deposition summaries:

Startup is a term used in describing businesses that offer disruptive or unique products or services that are considered irresistible and irreplaceable.

False imprisonment occurs when a person’s movement is unlawfully curtailed or restrained, by an arrest, confinement, or prevention of movement from place to place.

To be a participant in the mineral sector, one has to obtain a mineral title that is a lease or a permit. According to the Minerals and Mining Act

Read on to learn everything you need to know about being a car accident witness and your legal obligations.

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At SIMPLYLAW we provide a platform that keeps you legally informed. This is achieved by accepting, reviewing, and publishing relevant legal articles in the simplest form.

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We offer an encompassing legal service to startups, from legal consultation to business registration, drafting of documents, negotiating deals and contracts, etc. Simply Law is your one-stop for all your business.


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